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Zena Wood

Zena Wood

Zena is a creative producer and director in New York City and the founder of Space Weather Girl, a company which celebrates space exploration. She is also a dancer with many years' experience of moving her body in ballet, jazz, tap, flamenco and latin dance classes. She is a certified HIIT fitness instructor and completed her reiki training at Healing House in Peru. She believes that space can be a genuine connector for us all on Earth. Child of an actress mother and a nature conservator father, she prances between these two exciting worlds with her camera in hand. Sometimes, when life feels big, it's comforting to look up at the stars. In 2020 she wrote, produced and directed a documentary, Will There Be Dancing, showcasing NASA scientists, professors and TED speakers' ideas about humans living on Mars. This film won Best Short Feature at the Cannes Short Film Festival. Zena loves creating in many mediums and looks forward to many more connecting moments with the Frequency Mind community, in space of course.

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Zena Wood
  • Limitless :: Journey to Space :: Jupiter

  • Limitless :: Journey to Space :: Venus

  • Liimitless :: Journey to Space :: Mars

    This is a guided meditation coupled with conscious breath. Zena shifts you into a deep state of relaxation and connection to your imagination. She gently guides you along your way to Mars. She tunes in with your imagination and speckles the meditation with factual information gathered from NASA ...

  • Limitlesss :: Journey to Space :: The Moon

    Zena offers a guided visualization for you to connect to with your breath and to the moon. Her voice carries you from a relaxing beach up to our own moon and then return. She highlights the special bond that we share with our own moon. And offers factual information as a means of painting a truth...

  • Limitless :: Journey to Space :: Proxima Centauri

    This is a shorter trip to the planetary system of Proxima Centauri. This is a great experience when you don't have much time but wish to be transported and have a moment within an expanded state of consciousness. A Zooming out, away from any of your earthly preoccupations.

  • Journey to Space :: Introduction

    Meditative and relaxing visualization journey to space. In these meditations Zena will offer factual information within the context of a deeply relaxing meditative journey.