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Here you will find breath practices for opening up to your inner wisdom. We are all born with a strong inner knowing. It takes courage to listen to this inner voice. When we do we are visionary, we are able to see our purpose and our path clearly. We are able to see how things 'Should be' and take clear steps in that direction. We are not constrained by norms or afraid of grand scale change. Our sixth energy center, the third eye, is where our epic, visionary wisdom lies.

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  • Visionary :: Breath is Dreamy :: April 25, 2021

    Jayne offers a practice to help connect to the subconscious and to encourage it to come out and play. She leads the three-part breath to clear out the logical thinking mind and to create a clear blank landscape for the sub conscious to come fill up with imagery and information. This class has a f...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Clarity :: May 17, 2021

    Connect to the wisdom of your body. Katy May guides you through a practice to return to your deep inner knowing.

    Breath Style : Three-Part Breath

    The very first thing we do in life is inhale, take a breath. And the very last thing we will do is to exhale, release a breath. Using the simple and...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Freeing :: May 3, 2021

    Nicole Invites you to tap into your intuitive guidance to use your practice to tune in with what your Spirit is calling for.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath
    Class Description : Nicole Miller guides you through a breathwork practice to cultivate energy through inner reflection. You will find th...

  • Visionary :: 16 Minute "Becoming Pure Loving Awareness" with Lea Candon

    In this session, Lea guides us to open to the truth of who we are. Through a simple, loving breath practice, we attune the mind to the body and the body to the mind. Lea helps us eliminate doubt, judgement, and resentment, so that a pure loving awareness can inhabit our being. Use this Microdose ...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Kundalini Yoga :: May 27, 2021

    What thoughts are you choosing to fuel your experience? Are they energizing you or taking from you? Our limitations are imagined and perceived. Radha guides you through a practice to conquer your imagined limitations.

    Breath Style : Varied Pranayama

    This class will work with breath through the...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Meditative :: May 27, 2021

    Work with the mystery of life, the wisdom of not knowing. Chad guides you through a practice to come back to a sense of innocence and look inward with an open-mind, curiosity, and wonder.

    Breath Style : Varied breath from yogic and tantric practices.

    Chad brings you into the stream of present ...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Fundamental :: June 1, 2021

    Tap into your inner wisdom. Jayne offers a practice to journey with your sixth chakra, your visionary energy center.

    Breath Style : Varied

    This class begins by zooming in on one element of the Frequency Breathwork practice. Whether it is finding a truly comfortable seat, tuning in with your en...

  • Visionary :: Breath is Giving and Receiving :: June 14, 2021

    Let go of what is no longer serving you. Julian offers a practice to release any attachments to more softly and truthfully understand your experience.

    Breath Style : Tonglen Breath

    Breath is the common denominator for all beings. Despite our individual experiences in life, the shared experienc...