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Breath is Psychedelic : Ryan Williams

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  • Breath is Connection :: 06/16 :: On Zoom

    Breath Style :: Varied, Depends on the Breathwork Guide

    Join by clicking this link ::

    If you love human beings, (or want to love human beings) this is the class for you. We'll meet up, over zoom, to see each other’s faces, hear each other’s voices and bre...

  • Breath is Resilient :: Campbell Will ...

    Breath Style : Wim Hoff

    Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from adversity, to adapt well in the face of difficulty, to stay connected and grounded through whatever comes your way. Tuning in and using the breath we will learn to tap into the innate capacity of the body. Our breath is ...

  • Breath is Meditative :: Chad Foreman ...

    Breath Style : Varied breath from yogic and tantric practices.

    Chad brings you into the stream of present moment awareness with guided breathwork exercises. The class dedicates itself to aligning and healing the body, emotions, energy and soul. Once blockages can be cleared, one can awaken to t...