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Under 11 Minutes :: Microdoses

Under 11 Minutes :: Microdoses

It doesn't take a long time to create a shift in your nervous system, your emotional world and your overall wellbeing.

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Under 11 Minutes :: Microdoses
  • Super Charge :: Anxiety Relief

    Vivian welcomes all the stress balls and anxiety ridden folks with grace and compassion. She offers the steady and grounding Box Breath. In this short box breathing practice, you'll learn how to regulate your nervous system. This breath produces a calm and relaxed feeling in the mind and body. Bo...


  • Supercharge :: Feel Love

    Kick your day off with this short practice to awaken the heart and open up to love and gratitude. This practice is used to stimulate the heart and to intensify concentration and presence.

  • Supercharge :: Power

    This two part breath stimulates and awakens the body, mind and spirit and is a great short practice anytime you need a quick reset. It's also a powerful way to get out of your head if you're looping anxious or negative thoughts. Vivian guides this breath in a way that gives you agency over your p...

  • SuperCharge :: Uplift

    Vivian guides you through the "anti-depression" breath technique. This particular breath technique is named appropriately, as it helps bring on feelings of elation, joy and ease. It has the ability to transmute heaviness into lightness. There is a levity, an effervescence and a buoyancy to it tha...

  • Drum and Breath :: Supercharge

    Vivian guides you through an energizing breath pattern while Erika invigorates with the sound of the drum. The intention here is to uplift and create crisp, clear, focused energy.

    This piece is part of a series created by Vivian Rosenthal and Erika Laila Whitney. Vivian leads the breath while...

  • Drum and Breath :: Breath Holds

    Vivian guides you through a sequence of very active breath and then longer pauses in between breath cycles. This pause offers your body the opportunity to explore what lies at your depths. Explore, expand and carve out a little more space for love and compassion.

    This piece is part of a series ...

  • Drum and Breath :: Soothing

    A breath practice to calm, soothe and relax. Vivian offers a 4 - 7 - 8 breath while Erika Laila accompanies with tones on the hang drum.

    This piece is part of a series created by Vivian Rosenthal and Erika Laila Whitney. Vivian leads the breath while Erika creates a rhythmic soundscape. They ...

  • Part I :: Sensing the Breath

    Become Aware of your breath.

    This is the first part in a series to explore our senses. Campbell asks you to begin with your breath. Asking questions like : where do you feel your breath? How do you know you are breathing? You'll be using your breath to open up the doorways of communication and ...

  • Part IV :: Sensing the Heart

    This is an experiential practice to tune into the heart. Campbell leads you to use this awareness to shift from depleting emotional states, into renewing emotional states. It's not about changing the way we think about something, it's about changing the way we feel inside.

    Campbell leads you ...

  • Part V :: Sensing and Cultivating Energy

    The way we breath really dictates the energy in our body. When our breath changes, our body responds. Campbell will guide you through a practice signals the body to create energy. This is a practice that creates aerobic breath while remaining seated and still. To create the conditions to sense wh...

  • Breath is Relaxing :: Mindful Breathing

    Naomi guides you to connect to your breath, to become present and mindful of what is going on within. She'll guide to release held tension from the body. Traveling from the head, downward, creating an incredible sense of grounding and calm. The simplicity of this breath practice gives you the op...

  • Breath is Self-Care :: Rib Basket Hold

    The Rib basket is a cradle, a safe container. It Protects our breath and our heart. Samantha will guide you to breathe into your full Rib Basket, breathing and feeling into the whole body. Holding your own heart, holding your own lungs. This isn't the act of holding, like gripping or controlling,...

  • Breath is Restful :: 4-7-8 Breath for Better Sleep

    Naomi guides you through a counted breath practice that helps to calm the nervous system and prepare for sleep. This practice is breathy and restful. This practice can be done sitting up or laying down underneath the covers ready for sleep.

    Naomi is a breathwork guide and death doula. She creat...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: Heartbeat Connection for Self-Love

    Caleb guides you into a breath and rhythm practice alongside the drum. He will drop you into locating your pulse, you purpose, your power, your passion and your rhythmic expression. This practice is great to start off your day or as a refresh anytime you are looking for a little more self-love or...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Full Emotional Alignment

    This Kundalini Practice for emotional balance can help cultivate peace and calm around our emotions. Radha guide will guide you to create some space for all emotions. This practice is wonderful right before bed to help relieve any emotional holding.

    This piece is part of a six part series that ...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: To Let Loose

    Caleb will drum you through a practice to move and breath and shake and find your rhythm. You might find yourself dancing, throwing your hair around or drumming and tapping on your own body.

    This moving meditation is sure to having you feeling embodied, and present aware with the beating of you...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: 5 Minute Stress Relief

    This is a high energy stress relieving reset using Breath of Fire and the drum. use this practice first thing in the morning or as a refresh anytime throughout the day. It's kind of like a double shot of espresso.

    This piece is part of a larger project called the Rhythm of Happiness. A project...

  • Breath is Grounding :: Triangle Breath

    Samantha Story will guide you through a Triangle breath. This practice will help you visualize the stability in your own architecture, and the architecture of the breath. You will leave feeling grounded, steady, balanced and stable.

  • Breath is Grounding :: Diaphragm Breath

    What does it feel like to be fully grounded. Samantha Story will guide this steady, rhythmic, even breath to help usher in the Frequency of "grounding". Your full diaphragm will expand and support the breath, inviting in a deep, rooted connection to your belly and to your center.

  • Empowered :: Energy Boost

    Campbell offers a short but energizing practice equivalent to a double shot of espresso. He guides you to use your breath in a targeted, bow and arrow-like breath. You can expect to leave this practice feeling super clear, awake and energized.

    This piece is part of a full series that Campbell c...