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Watch this video and more on Frequency

Watch this video and more on Frequency

Connected :: Three Part Breath to connect you to your body, and to spirit.

Microdoses :: Tiffany Curren • 26m

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  • Authentic :: Breath is a Cosmic Spark

    Our Cosmic Spark is our essence. We are born as perfect beings, with a unique spark that lights us up. However, this unique light can get squashed, dampened and put out by conditioning, and a list of shoulds and shouldn'ts. that we may receive from society.

    Tiffany guides you back to your essen...

  • Limitless :: Breath for full Energeti...

    We are energetic beings. Tiffany guides you through each of the 7 energy centers here. Using the breath to bring awareness and really feel each of the centers separately, and also to call in more flow between the centers.

    This piece is part of a 5 part series created by Tiffany to offer these ...

  • Empowered :: Breath for Letting Go

    Tiffany helps guide you through a three-part breath practice to release whatever it is that might be weighing you down. She empowers you to drop all the baggage and leave it at the door. If it's something you want to hold onto, she empowers you to choose to pick it back up. It's all a choice.