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The Rhythm of Happiness with Caleb Spaulding

The Rhythm of Happiness with Caleb Spaulding

This series was born from a practicee called the Rhythm of Happiness that Caleb Spaulding created. Caleb's mission is to use rhythm, music and movement to inspire creativity, happiness and community in people of all backgrounds. The universality of music and breath create powerful, felt experiences.

You can also find him on our weekly schedule for a midweek, midday reset at 1:15 p EST. It can be so powerful to move and breath in community.

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The Rhythm of Happiness with Caleb Spaulding
  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: Destress and Shake Off the Day

    Caleb offers the Rhythm of Happiness, a breath practice coupled with the rhythm of live drumming. It will be followed by a guided meditation to move shake, let go and feel what's coming up in your body. This practice is great right before bed to shake off the day. It could be used anytime you are...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: Heartbeat Connection for Self-Love

    Caleb guides you into a breath and rhythm practice alongside the drum. He will drop you into locating your pulse, you purpose, your power, your passion and your rhythmic expression. This practice is great to start off your day or as a refresh anytime you are looking for a little more self-love or...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: To Remove Obstacles

    Caleb leads you through a classic Rhythm of Happiness Four-Part Segmented breath with the drum. But today, it will be coupled with a powerful mantra and by connecting to Ganesha. Heralding from the Hindu Tradition, Ganesha is the creator and remover of all obstacles. This practices calls in the...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: To Connect to Your Heart Beat

    The Rhythm of Happiness is a practice to bring you in sync with your heart's rhythm, your natural way of being. Caleb offers a segmented breath and invites you to move along with the breath and the sound of the drum. Drumming and tapping on your body are always welcome. Movement is always welcome...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: 5 Minute Stress Relief

    This is a high energy stress relieving reset using Breath of Fire and the drum. use this practice first thing in the morning or as a refresh anytime throughout the day. It's kind of like a double shot of espresso.

    This piece is part of a larger project called the Rhythm of Happiness. A project...

  • The Rhythm of Happiness :: To Let Loose

    Caleb will drum you through a practice to move and breath and shake and find your rhythm. You might find yourself dancing, throwing your hair around or drumming and tapping on your own body.

    This moving meditation is sure to having you feeling embodied, and present aware with the beating of you...