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These breath practices cultivate a sense of empowerment. We tune in with the third energy center, the belly, to help cultivate a sense of inner light, strength and grit. These practices will help boost confidence and give you the energy you need to move through life. They may also help move through and digest difficult emotions or beliefs that may be holding you back.

You are gift, you are worthy, you are capable.

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  • SuperCharge :: Life Force Energy

    Viv offers a breath of fire practice to call in life force so that you feel resourced for your day. Breath of fire cultivates energy, focus and overall health. This style of fast exhalation helps reduce stress, boost brain function, and improve respiratory health. It's also said to strengthen the...

  • Supercharge :: Power

    This two part breath stimulates and awakens the body, mind and spirit and is a great short practice anytime you need a quick reset. It's also a powerful way to get out of your head if you're looping anxious or negative thoughts. Vivian guides this breath in a way that gives you agency over your p...

  • Drum and Breath :: Inner Strength

    Vivian leads you through a Kundalini-inspired series to bring you into energetic alignment and ready for a new day. She stokes your internal energy source with breath of fire. Erika invokes the energy of the sun through her drum.

    This piece is part of a series created by Vivian Rosenthal and ...

  • Sound and Breath :: Energy Boost

    This practice was designed to rebalance your sense of vitality, energy and self-worth.

    Jayne and Marc target your power center with the frequencies of the bowls and the movement of the breath. You can think of this practice like an espresso, great in the morning or anytime of the day where you ...

  • Vocal Toning :: 3rd Chakra :: Solar Plexus

    Emily guides you to tone the third chakra, the solar plexus, using your voice. The solar plexus is located in the belly and is associated with our identity, will power and confidence.

    This piece is third in a 7-part series for energetic alignment. Emily focuses on the first seven chakras. You c...

  • Breath is Self-Empowerment :: Tiffany Curren :: April 13, 2021

    Tiffany guides a practice in slowing down and being present. This gives you space to be with yourself, to be yourself and to shine brightly with authenticity. Self-Empowerment through self-acceptance.

    Breath Style : Varied (Calming, Empowering)

    Start your morning with an intentional breath p...

  • Empowered :: Breath for Letting Go

    Tiffany helps guide you through a three-part breath practice to release whatever it is that might be weighing you down. She empowers you to drop all the baggage and leave it at the door. If it's something you want to hold onto, she empowers you to choose to pick it back up. It's all a choice.

  • Empowered :: Breath is Resilient :: April 22, 2021

    April 22, 2021

    By manipulating the breath we create a stimulus that shifts us out of balance, we then have the opportunity to find our centre and balance point once more. In this practice we will use rounds of superventilation to shift our physiology and our nervous system before coming back to...

  • Empowered :: Energy Boost

    Campbell offers a short but energizing practice equivalent to a double shot of espresso. He guides you to use your breath in a targeted, bow and arrow-like breath. You can expect to leave this practice feeling super clear, awake and energized.

    This piece is part of a full series that Campbell c...

  • Empowered :: Up-Regulate

    Campbell offers a quick practice to bring some alertness into our body and our being. He'll guide you towards a heightened state and empower you with tools to help keep you from getting too jumpy or jittery.

  • Empowered :: Breath is Self-Empowerment :: May 4, 2021

    Breath Style : Varied (Calming, Empowering)

    Start your morning with an intentional breath practice to help ground and focus your energy. We'll use this time to create open communication and synchronicity for mind body connection. Listening to the gentle cues and nuance from the body, while acc...

  • Empowered :: Breath is Resilient :: April 29, 2021

    Breath Style : Wim Hoff

    Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from adversity, to adapt well in the face of difficulty, to stay connected and grounded through whatever comes your way. Tuning in and using the breath we will learn to tap into the innate capacity of the body. Our breath is ...

  • Empowered :: Breath is Resilient :: May 13, 2021

    Learning to breathe through what is happening for you is a very powerful tool. Campbell guides you through a breath practice to push into the area outside of your comfort zone, to tap into your capacity to deal with discomfort and stress.

    Breath Style : Wim Hoff

    Resilience is the capacity to ...

  • Empowered :: Breath is Embodied :: June 1, 2021

    Codi guides you through a practice to clear out the energy that no longer serves you and make space for new ways of being.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    We will connect through our breath, soften our hearts, relax into our bodies. Codi Jane will meet you exactly where you are and hold a sac...

  • Empowered :: Breath is Creative :: June 5, 2021

    Krista guides you along a journey to settle into your body, develop deep compassion, and expand your soul.

    Breath Style : Deep Conscious Breaths

    This class is a deep dive into the essence of soul-led creativity and how it feels to create from an expansive, free-flowing, mindless state. You wil...