Meet Your Nervous System w/ Campbell Will

Meet Your Nervous System w/ Campbell Will

Campbell offers a breathwork series for optimizing the function of the autonomic nervous system. You will learn how to take over the control panel of the nervous system, rather than being controlled by it. We want the nervous system to be practiced in switching gears, so that we don't get stuck in low grade states of stress over continuous periods of time and we can respond appropriately to our environment.

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Meet Your Nervous System w/ Campbell Will
  • An Introduction to Your Nervous System

    Campbell offers and easily understandable explanation for how our nervous system operates. He explains how our breath can help our autonomic nervous system function properly. Throughout this collection, Campbell offers breath practices to help balance out our stress response.

  • Empowered :: Up-Regulate

    Campbell offers a quick practice to bring some alertness into our body and our being. He'll guide you towards a heightened state and empower you with tools to help keep you from getting too jumpy or jittery.

  • Balanced :: Nervous System Reset

    Campbell offers a sighing breath to help rebalance the nervous system. He explains what a sigh actually is and how the body uses it physiologically. When used consciously, this sigh mechanism can help us rebalance the nervous system.

    This piece is part of a full series that Campbell created for...

  • Grounded :: Nervous System Down Regulation

    Campbell offers a practice in down-regulating the nervous system into rest and restore mode. He offers a 4-2-6-2 breath pattern. Campbell explains how this breath works on a physiological level and guides you through a practice so that you can experience this shift, first hand.

  • Empowered :: Energy Boost

    Campbell offers a short but energizing practice equivalent to a double shot of espresso. He guides you to use your breath in a targeted, bow and arrow-like breath. You can expect to leave this practice feeling super clear, awake and energized.

    This piece is part of a full series that Campbell c...

  • Grounded :: Tranquilizer Breath

    Campbell offers a breath practice, called tranquilizer breath, to help calm the mind and body. When our psychology is stressed, our physiology is often stressed. We will use this breath to calm the body, and that will help to calm the mind.

    This piece is part of a full series that Campbell crea...