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Recently Added Classes

  • Grounded :: Breath is Fundamental :: June 15, 2021

    Jayne offers an introduction to setting up your space for your breathwork practice, as well as guides you through box breathing to attune to your internal environment.

    Breath Style : Varied

    This class begins by zooming in on one element of the Frequency Breathwork practice. Whether it is findi...

  • Authentic :: Breath is Embodied :: June 15, 2021

    Use this practice to drop into the body and out of the defense of the mind.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    We will connect through our breath, soften our hearts, relax into our bodies. Codi Jane will meet you exactly where you are and hold a sacred and loving container for you to fully feel....

  • Visionary :: Breath is Giving and Receiving :: June 14, 2021

    Let go of what is no longer serving you. Julian offers a practice to release any attachments to more softly and truthfully understand your experience.

    Breath Style : Tonglen Breath

    Breath is the common denominator for all beings. Despite our individual experiences in life, the shared experienc...

  • Connected :: Breath is Freeing :: June 14, 2021

    Use this practice as a space to forgive and let go, to release holding onto pain and anger, and to find joy, love, and peace.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    Nicole Miller guides you through a breathwork practice to cultivate energy through inner reflection. You will find that as you release ...

  • Grounded :: Breath is Clarity :: June 14, 2021

    Katy May offers a practice to become present and journey into your inner world.

    Breath Style : Three-Part Breath

    The very first thing we do in life is inhale, take a breath. And the very last thing we will do is to exhale, release a breath. Using the simple and natural act of breathing, the ca...

  • Connected :: Breath is Life :: June 13, 2021

    Connect and explore your relationship with the element air.

    Breath Style : Three-Part Breath

    The very first thing we do in life is inhale, take a breath. And the very last thing we will do is to exhale, release a breath. Using the simple and natural act of breathing, the calming sounds of crys...

  • Connected :: Breath is a Cosmic Spark :: June 13, 2021

    Tiffany guides you through a practice to let go of what you cannot control.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    This class is an invitation for you to dive deep into the exploration of your emotional body. Experience a grounding meditation of guided deep belly breathing, followed by a 25 minute b...

  • Grounded :: Breath is Creative :: June 12, 2021

    Access your intuitive knowing, as you tap into your true nature, your peaceful, centered, and grounded nature.

    Breath Style : Deep Conscious Breaths

    This class is a deep dive into the essence of soul-led creativity and how it feels to create from an expansive, free-flowing, mindless state. You...

  • Connected :: Breath is a Collective Release, Retune and Reset :: June 12

    It is so important to engage in inner work for outer change. Jayne guides you through a practice to tune into climate anxiety, build collective energy, and create a field for healing.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    Join Jayne Ebner for a breathwork practice that offers a full cellular reset...

  • Grounded :: Breath is Vocal :: June 12, 2021

    Move through the body's energy centers, from root to crown, as you use the voice as a tool to go inward, attune to the body, and witness what is present for you.

    Breath Style: Box Breath and Vocal Toning.

    This Vocal toning practice is so simple and so sweet. Your voice is your birthright. Thi...

  • Breath is Blisspoint :: Maria Camacho :: June 11, 2021

    Breath Style : Three-Part Breath

    Everyone's favorite class from the Frequency dome has gone virtual. With the support of sound and the voice of Lisa De Narvaez you will be led through her powerful and intense trailblazing Blisspoint breathwork method. The intention behind the practice is to exp...

  • Limitless :: Breath is Meditative :: June 10, 2021

    Chad guides you through a practice to find, connect, and directly experience bliss.

    Breath Style : Varied breath from yogic and tantric practices.

    Chad brings you into the stream of present moment awareness with guided breathwork exercises. The class dedicates itself to aligning and healing t...