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Welcome to Frequency :: Start Here

Welcome to Frequency :: Start Here

Jayne Ebner, one of our Breathwork Guides and Head of Content offers some guidance on the most basic elements of the practice :: What is Frequency? How does one set up for a breathwork practice? How do you find a comfortable seat and laying down position? What is the Three-Part Breath.

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Welcome to Frequency :: Start Here
  • Introduction to the Frequency Practice

    Jayne offers some insight into what it means when we talk about 'Home Frequency'. Our frequency is our energy, it's how we feel in the present moment. She also offers a quick dip in to witness your home frequency.

  • Introduction to the Three Part Breath

    Jayne Ebner, one of the Spaceholders here at Frequency shares about her personal experience with the Three-Part Breath and what one might expect when you jump into a Three-Part Breath Experience.

  • Preparing Your Space for Practice

    Jayne, one of our breathwork guides and Head of Content offers some tips for how to set up your space (and yourself) for practice. While we believe very much in the idea of "come as you are" we also subscribe to the idea of "treat yourself".

  • Finding Comfort Laying Down

    Jayne offers some tips and tricks to help you find comfort and alignment when you come to lay down for your breathwork practice. She guides you through aligning the neck and body for breath and offers modifications to help alleviate low back pain.

    This is part of a series that Jayne created to ...

  • Finding a Comfortable Seat

    Jayne shares some tips on how to find a truly comfortable seat. She offers suggestions for how to find one and also leads a quick practice in becoming aware of the body and what it is trying to tell us through pain sensation or tension.

  • An Introduction to Your Nervous System

    Campbell offers and easily understandable explanation for how our nervous system operates. He explains how our breath can help our autonomic nervous system function properly. Throughout this collection, Campbell offers breath practices to help balance out our stress response.