Practices We Love

  • Microdoses :: Lea Candon

    5 videos

    This microdose series is a collection of heartfelt meditations led by Lea Candon. Lea guides us towards states of deeper calm and surrender, where we can become fully aware of the impermanent nature of all things. Using the breath as an entry point, we start to become more aware of the movements ...

  • The Frequency of Self-Love

    5 videos

    The Frequency of Self-Love is one that is deeply healing. Boy, do we love us some self-love here at Frequency. It is an essential ingredient in finding your home frequency, your you-ness. It is a way to acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself, even the ones that sometimes don't feel super l...

  • Microdoses :: Tiffany Curren

    5 videos

    Tiffany Curren put together this collection for full realignment and spiritual awakening. She tackles some of the tangible issues that we may face, like anxiety or thoughts that keep us from fully stepping into our being and our power.

  • Sound and Breath Collaboration :: Marc Igbinadolor and Jayne Ebner

    4 videos

    Marc Igbinadolor and Jayne Ebner team up to produce a creative breathwork experience. Marc's sound is deeply healing and artful, coupling contemporary electronic music style with ancient healing frequencies and sounds. Jayne pairs breath practices with each of Marc's pieces to bring you a deeply ...

  • Campbell Will :: Microdoses :: Come to Your Senses

    6 videos

    Campbell Will guides you through a series of Breathwork Practices to bring more awareness to your full sensorium. Practices to awake the five senses, our sense of breath, balance, energy and the heart. You will learn how to expand and contract the senses through breath.

    The senses are the way ...

  • Vivian Rosenthal and Erika Laila Whitney :: Microdoses :: Sound Collaboration

    7 videos

    This series was created by Vivian Rosenthal and Erika Laila Whitney. Vivian leads the breath while Erika creates a rhythmic soundscape. They very precisely and instinctively infuse healing frequencies into each word and each beat. This series will take you deep within to connect with your highe...

  • Breath is Balancing with Radha

    6 videos

    Radha guides you through a six part Kundalini Breathwork series for Emotional Balance. She will help you partner and ally with some of the more challenging emotions :: Fear, Anger, Grief, Depression and Shame. Once we can understand why these emotions show up and the wisdom they bring we can bre...

  • Grounded :: Breath is a Cosmic Spark :: May 2, 2021

    Tiffany offers a practice in vibrating in the Frequency of abundance. When our basic needs are met and we are feeling safe in our bodies and grounded, we can resonate in Abundance.

    Breath Style : Three Part Breath

    This class is an invitation for you to dive deep into the exploration of your e...