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Campbell Will :: Microdoses :: Come to Your Senses

Campbell Will :: Microdoses :: Come to Your Senses

Campbell Will guides you through a series of Breathwork Practices to bring more awareness to your full sensorium. Practices to awake the five senses, our sense of breath, balance, energy and the heart. You will learn how to expand and contract the senses through breath.

The senses are the way that we perceive and experience our world. When our senses are awake, we can be fully present. Our senses give us the ability to expand into a fuller, more alive, expression of ourselves.

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Campbell Will :: Microdoses :: Come to Your Senses
  • Part I :: Sensing the Breath

    Become Aware of your breath.

    This is the first part in a series to explore our senses. Campbell asks you to begin with your breath. Asking questions like : where do you feel your breath? How do you know you are breathing? You'll be using your breath to open up the doorways of communication and ...

  • Part II :: Awakening the 5 Senses

    Sometimes we get stuck living in our heads which dulls the senses. Campbell talks you through a breath practice to bring awareness in, so we can inhabit our whole selves. Fully connected to the world around us, which is how we are intended to live.

    This piece is part of a series called "Come to...

  • Part III :: Expanding and Contracting Our Sense of Awareness

    Use the breath as the gateway to an expanded sense of awareness. Campbell will guide you to breath from your center point. The inhale calls in expansion, the exhale calls in contraction.

    This is part of a six part series led by Campbell Will to help cultivate more awareness around your full se...

  • Part IV :: Sensing the Heart

    This is an experiential practice to tune into the heart. Campbell leads you to use this awareness to shift from depleting emotional states, into renewing emotional states. It's not about changing the way we think about something, it's about changing the way we feel inside.

    Campbell leads you ...

  • Part V :: Sensing and Cultivating Energy

    The way we breath really dictates the energy in our body. When our breath changes, our body responds. Campbell will guide you through a practice signals the body to create energy. This is a practice that creates aerobic breath while remaining seated and still. To create the conditions to sense wh...

  • Part VI :: Restoring a Sense of Balance

    This is the sixth and final piece of Campbell's series, Come To Your Senses". This will help to tone down and relax the body. It is a great practice to use in the moments of transition in your day: from work, to rest. From wake to sleep.

    Using this practice again and again will help guide you t...