Breath Practices for Beginners

Breath Practices for Beginners

We all have to start somewhere. This collection is a great place to begin your breathwork love affair. The classes that wind up here offer guidance and support for folks who happen to be new to the practice.

If you have any questions afterwards please join us for one of our community classes on Wednesday evenings at 7:30p or Sunday Evenings at 6:15p. This is a time to connect with guides and with others in the community. These classes are done over zoom. You can always reach out to us on instagram @frequencymind .

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Breath Practices for Beginners
  • Sound and Breath :: Three-Part Breath

    This piece is part of a series that Jayne and Marc co-created called Sound and Breath. Here you'll explore the three-part breath coupled with the healing sounds of singing bowls.

    The bowls are attuned to the Frequencies of grounding and self-power. When coupled with the powerful three-part brea...

  • Part I :: Sensing the Breath

    Become aware of your breath.

    This is the first part in a series to explore our senses. Campbell asks you to begin with your breath. Asking questions like : where do you feel your breath? How do you know you are breathing? You'll be using your breath to open up the doorways of communication and ...

  • Breath is Relaxing :: Mindful Breathing

    Naomi guides you to connect to your breath, to become present and mindful of what is going on within. She'll guide to release held tension from the body. Traveling from the head, downward, creating an incredible sense of grounding and calm. The simplicity of this breath practice gives you the op...

  • Breath is Grounding :: Diaphragm Breath

    What does it feel like to be fully grounded. Samantha Story will guide this steady, rhythmic, even breath to help usher in the Frequency of "grounding". Your full diaphragm will expand and support the breath, inviting in a deep, rooted connection to your belly and to your center.

  • Breath is Fundamental :: March 23, 2021

    March 22, 2021.

    Jayne leads a practice to help us digest emotion with the breath. When we numb or dissociate from our feelings they don't go away, they just tend to go a little deeper down. We can use the breath to help witness, process and move old emotion.

    Breath Style : Box Breath

    This c...

  • Breath is Fundamental :: Tiffany Curren :: April 13, 2021

    Tiffany offers a practice for beginners to help you become aware of how the breath can help us shift how we feel. How we can lean into our exhale to help carry us into a state of calm.

    Breath Style : Varied

    This class begins by zooming in on one element of the Frequency Breathwork practice. Wh...

  • Balanced :: Breath is Fundamental ;: April 20th 2021

    What are the benefits of breathwork? Jayne talks about the many many benefits of breathwork. And how it is possible that something as simple as breathing can do so much for our overall health.

    Breath Style :: Box Breath

    This class begins by zooming in on one element of the Frequency Breathwork...