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The Frequency of Self-Love

The Frequency of Self-Love

The Frequency of Self-Love is one that is deeply healing. Boy, do we love us some self-love here at Frequency. It is an essential ingredient in finding your home frequency, your you-ness. It is a way to acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself, even the ones that sometimes don't feel super lovable. Self-Love is like a big hug, a cozy, gentle frequency. The best thing about self-love is that you can tap into it whenever, wherever, completely independent of anyone or anything else.

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The Frequency of Self-Love
  • Drum and Breath :: Self Worth

    Vivian sets the intention to tap into self-worth while Erika radiates love embodied as sound. The three-part breath, mantra and drum will guide you to accept and acknowledge the inherent worth of who are, in your purest form. This practice is full of sweetness.

    This piece is part of a series c...

  • Part IV :: Sensing the Heart

    This is an experiential practice to tune into the heart. Campbell leads you to use this awareness to shift from depleting emotional states, into renewing emotional states. It's not about changing the way we think about something, it's about changing the way we feel inside.

    Campbell leads you ...

  • Breath is Awareness :: Full Body Scan

    Naomi guides you into a state of relax and rest. She'll encourage you to use the breath to stay present with what IS. What you can notice and be aware of as you use your internal gaze to scan through the body.

    This practice can be used as a relaxing wind-down in the evening. Naomi will call in ...

  • Breath is Self-Love :: Conscious Breathing

    Naomi offers a practice in giving ourselves some love. Giving to ourselves is giving to others. It helps us to find our love frequency and to create a sense that love is abundant within us, and around us.

    She encourages you to simply be with your breath, through a guided meditation. Being with...

  • Vocal Toning :: 4th Chakra :: The Heart Space

    Emily guides you through a vocal toning practice to purify the fourth chakra, the heart. The Heart is associated with love, compassion and gratitude. It is the place where we connect to others, to ourselves and to the world.

    This piece is fourth in a 7 part series for energetic alignment. Emily...