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Naomi Edmondson :: Microdoses

Naomi Edmondson :: Microdoses

Naomi Edmondson guides you through a series of practices to help cultivate mindfulness through the use of different breath patterns. She offers practices for self-love, loving awareness, cleansing your energetic field and for shifting towards sleep and rest. You could use this collection throughout the day to wake up with, to transition through the moments of the day and then to shift into sleep.

Naomi's presence is one of joy, self-love and depth and she naturally transmits these frequencies to you through her teaching.

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Naomi Edmondson :: Microdoses
  • Breath is Awareness :: Full Body Scan

    Naomi guides you into a state of relax and rest. She'll encourage you to use the breath to stay present with what IS. What you can notice and be aware of as you use your internal gaze to scan through the body.

    This practice can be used as a relaxing wind-down in the evening. Naomi will call in ...

  • Breath is Self-Love :: Conscious Breathing

    Naomi offers a practice in giving ourselves some love. Giving to ourselves is giving to others. It helps us to find our love frequency and to create a sense that love is abundant within us, and around us.

    She encourages you to simply be with your breath, through a guided meditation. Being with...

  • Breath is Relaxing :: Mindful Breathing

    Naomi guides you to connect to your breath, to become present and mindful of what is going on within. She'll guide to release held tension from the body. Traveling from the head, downward, creating an incredible sense of grounding and calm. The simplicity of this breath practice gives you the op...

  • Breath is Cleansing :: Sighing Exhale

    Naomi offers a sweet and simple breath practice to encourage your body to release and sigh out anything that you might be holding onto. This breath helps to clean and clear the lungs, lighten our emotional load as well as cleaning and clearing out the mind. It works on multiple levels.

  • Breath is Restful :: 4-7-8 Breath for Better Sleep

    Naomi guides you through a counted breath practice that helps to calm the nervous system and prepare for sleep. This practice is breathy and restful. This practice can be done sitting up or laying down underneath the covers ready for sleep.

    Naomi is a breathwork guide and death doula. She creat...