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Breath is Balancing with Radha

Breath is Balancing with Radha

Radha guides you through a six part Kundalini Breathwork series for Emotional Balance. She will help you partner and ally with some of the more challenging emotions :: Fear, Anger, Grief, Depression and Shame. Once we can understand why these emotions show up and the wisdom they bring we can breathe with them and bring our bodies back into balance.

We suggest engaging with these practices after some gentle movement or your regular workout because emotions are experienced in the body. If you are engaging with all six pieces as a series try starting with Breath is Balancing :: Full Emotional Alignment. Or, you could always saddle right up with the one that is calling straight to your heart. We encourage you to listen to your intuition on this.

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Breath is Balancing with Radha
  • Breath is Balancing :: Full Emotional Alignment

    This Kundalini Practice for emotional balance can help cultivate peace and calm around our emotions. Radha guide will guide you to create some space for all emotions. This practice is wonderful right before bed to help relieve any emotional holding.

    This piece is part of a six part series that ...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Allying with Grief

    Radha will guide you to welcome grief in as an ally to allow for its transportation, for it to be moved and to allow for you and your heart to be healed. Radha creates a safe container for you to bring your grief, your heartache, your sorrow into. A practice to give grief the time and space it ...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Allying with Anger

    This is a Kundalini Practice to help balance and partner with the Frequency of Anger. What powerful message is this emotion bringing to light? Our emotions are our allies. There is no such thing as a negative emotion, we can befriend them all and bring them into resonance and harmony.

    This pie...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Allying with Shame

    Radha offers a Kundalini breathwork practice to help move through the energy of shame. She reminds us that we are beautiful sensory beings, and we are meant to have the full spectrum of emotions. Even shame. Shame can serve as a partners and an ally. Its job is to sound the alarm when we are out ...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Allying with Fear

    Radha offers a Kundalini practice to help bring comfortability when fear shows up, to invite it in and learn from it. When we partner with our fear we can fully appreciate it's powerful lessons. She will guide you to work with and transmute this energy for your highest and best good.

    This piece...

  • Breath is Balancing :: Allying with Depression

    This is a Kundalini Breath practice to help us ally with the emotion of depression. First, its important to note that when we talk about depression in this video we are not talking about clinical depression, but rather the emotion of depression, that we are all likely to experience at some point ...